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Estimating Garage Heater Sizing

It is right that installing the right garage heater sizing can save your budget even for twice. Otherwise, any designs or system of the garage heater you select, if it is not in the right size, it is not only the budget you need to prepare more but also for the heater itself. That is why, there are some tips on estimating the right size of your garage heater by any designs and energy source including electric garage heater. You are better to follow the following tips.

First, to estimate the right garage heater sizing, you need to measure the width and length of the garage. Then multiple them so the total square footage can be got. For example, the average garage size by two cars is 484 square feet or 22 by 22 feet. And it will have the range by 400 to 600 square feet. This should be in the right length and width to get the right size of the heater. The wrong measurement can lead to the wrong size of the heater.

Third, the right garage heater sizing can be got by dividing the square footage of your garage by 200. Then the answer is multiplied by 9,000 for the uninsulated garage design and multiplied by 6,000 if the garage is insulated. The last is finding the right heater with a BTU. The formula is here, if the garage is uninsulated and it has 484 square feet, it will be like 484/200x9,000. It has 21,780. This is the right heater you need.

Exotic Indian House Interior Designs

Indian house interior designs are sensual and exotic. You can make the living room, bedroom and dining room lush and exotic to view from any angles if they are treated with Indian style. You can combine the beauty with other home decors if you want to perceive the ethnic eclectic design. Some interesting styles to combine include bohemian, African, Moroccan, Middle Eastern or even Persian decors. You need to take a peek for the Indian characters before you apply the decorating project in certain room in the house.

The uniqueness can be perceived through the selection of colors in the room. You need to go with rich and expansive shades. You can pick hunter green if you want to bring the lush style inspired from the forest inside the house. If you want to enjoy the inspiration from the wood, you can pick dark chocolate brown. Indian house interior designs are famous because of its rich and shining look. You need to signify the metal accent here. If you want to make it fabulous and elegant, you can add a tint of gold shades. If you want to bring rustic feeling, silver look combined with distressed furniture pieces are great to go. If you like to revamp the room for your girl, you can choose the romantic and feminine color.

If you always pick soft pink or pastel blue, you need to to skip both cool colors this time. You can go bold by accenting the wall in your daughter’s room with fuchsia or violet. You can bring the accented color in light shade to make the room beautiful and nice. The bed frame, dresser and or even cabinet in the room should come in Indian carved details. There are a lot of Indian furniture items sold in various stores if you like to enjoy Indian house interior designs.

Expert Tips for Picking Rug Colors for Beauty Decoration

In the world of flooring, there are a lot of different things that you can do to help make your home looking more stunning as well as inviting. A simple rug in a room can actually make a huge difference in the look and feel of the room. Rugs decoration can make any home look a lot more beauty and attractive.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade the look of your living room, then one of the best ways to do so is to buy rugs. The rugs describe the designs and taste of the modern and luxury. Of course, when it comes down to taste, it’s really all about what your preference is. However, there are a couple of things you will want to consider when getting a rug for your space. There are some rugs that will just work better than others depending on the décor of your room.

A rug can be made of different materials such as wool, cotton, and polypropylene. These types of materials make them easy to clean. You will want to pick the rug for your space based on a couple of different things. The first is foot traffic. If you are going to use this in a room that gets a ton of foot traffic, then you will want to get a material that is very durable and is easy to clean. Getting ones that aren’t durable and are hard to clean will only cause you to have to replace it more often than you should.

Another consideration is the size of the rug. This will largely depend on the size of your room. You can use area rugs to help give your room a certain look. If you have a small room, certain rugs can make it appear a little bigger. The design and pattern of the rug is important as well since this will also affect how your room looks. There are certain borders that will work better than others. Even the color you choose is important because it can improve or worsen the overall look of your room.

Whether you are looking for wool rugs, round rugs, or any other type of rug in this category, you can find them online. There are many different designs to choose from as mentioned so you won’t have a problem finding one that will go well with your room. Just remember that what you choose will have an affect on the look of your room. Rugs with large patterns in a small room can make the room look small. Rugs with small patterns in a large room can make the room look too busy and cluttered. The price of rugs can really vary depending on different things such as size and material. You should look to spend over $100 for a one that you will be using for your interior space. Although these rugs aren’t cheap, the increase in attractiveness as well as comfort to your home make them worth buying.

Picking the right rug colors and combination can make any home look a lot more beauty and attractive, while the wrong one can make a room feel unfinished or awkward. Because its so tricky, so there are tips from the expert for picking right rug colors for your room decoration.


Earth tones are definite things that won’t go out of fashion. They seem to be in as long as the thirst for the natural is evident in the society. This might be the reason why interior designers usually opt for earth-inspired items such as brown rug. Have you ever noticed that there seems to be no showrooms of interior designs that don’t feature brown items? Whether it is brown rugs or brown tables, there is always something brown in the elements that designs use. This is, of course, especially true of most home designs.

Call it traditional or what, but brown seems to be always present. However, you could easily point out that brown items such as a brown shag rug can be spotted in most modern designs. And as if to denote more versatility for the color, brown is also present even in minimalist themes. In fact, the presence of this color is very much evident since you can find them almost anywhere.

With this, there is no need to doubt what a brown area rug or any other brown item can do for your room. The almost neutral and basic appeal of these items would very much let you experiment on other colors. As a matter of fact, brown rugs can very well negate the adventurous vibe of other loud colors such as purple and yellow. In some instances, it can reinforce a homey feel to any kind of room.

Imagine the use of a chocolate brown rug in the center of a white-themed room. Do you feel that the hue of the rug very much accentuate the purity of white while at the same time giving life to the room? Doesn’t it create a new dimension to the one-colored room? That is a good picture of how brown works wonders.

Those who want to lean on to the more adventurist side of the coin can find a friend in brown rugs. There are two-toned ones coming in as a blue brown rug, orange brown rug, or yellow brown rug that would certainly unleash a fresh attitude to the areas they would be placed.

If you are considering the use of a brown rug, one of the most important factors to take note of is to ascertain that the hue is right for the place. You see, light-colored hues of brown can be calming but they can also be boring when improperly paired with certain colors. Dark-hues, on the other hand, can liven up spaces even if they can also make them more relaxed and gloomy.


Pink is often a happy, bright, and fun color and adds a great touch to any room. There is a fun variety of these rugs to enhance any nursery or girls’ room.

One of the most practical of these rugs is probably the pink area rug. This is the type of rug that you can put in the middle of the room to give it a special touch. Some people will put it next to their child’s crib or bed, and others will put it under a child’s table. Either way, it’s sure to brighten up a room. Another type of rug is the pink shag rug. These rugs look plush and better yet, feel plush underneath your feet. They come in all different materials, such as wool, cotton, acrylic and nylon. These rugs were once popular in the sixties, and have made a comeback!

If you like hot pink, you can even find a hot pink rug! They are sold at almost any Wal-mart, online, the mall and more. A pink and brown color scheme is extremely popular right now, and this would be a perfect way to re-decorate your daughter’s room to be as modern as she is! Also, she can get the pink round rug. Some of these are made into flower shapes, smiley faces, and more. These would be perfect for a nursery or playroom. You can even put these in the bathroom for an extra added touch of pink. If you don’t want something as bold as a smiley face rug but you still want the bold color of pink, you would purchase a pink bath rug. They can come plain, hot pink, or with subtle designs. They can also incorporate sewn patterns in them.

Pink is a fun, bright color. Almost anyone can enjoy the happiness that pink tends to bring out in people. Pink for the crib sheets, walls, tables and more, is a great way to announce the arrival of your baby girl. Pink in your little girl, because it’s her favorite color, gives her a personality all her own. Put a pink rug to add to these rooms, and there’s fun!


Once mixed with the right color combinations, a purple area rug would undoubtedly make your room livelier and ugly. It won’t fail to make the room exude more attitude than it could ever be. As a matter of fact, purple rugs can make a plain-looking room standout.

With some saying that purple is a relaxing color, you are really bound to find these rugs in all parts of the house. A purple shag rug, for instance, can provide any room an air of luxury and class. Anciently known as the color of nobles and aristocrats, purple commands a regal ambiance in every aspect.

Should you find that using purple in your interiors is too much of a deviance, you could always find a way to shout out your sense of freshness. Using a purple bath rug is a great way to spice up the look of your bathroom. You could also go sexy by pairing your oh-so-sensual bath tub with a quality but intricately-designed purple bathroom rug.

As a general rule, the only thing that you should concern yourself about is the way that color-coded items respond to the over-all look of your room. Once you have ascertained that the colors you use do not dramatically and painstakingly contrast each other, you are very much good to go for more experimentation.

Yes, using a purple rug in any kind of room might be considered adventurous. But, don’t forget that you have the power to play it down by mixing it with earth colors, such as brown and dark green. Unless you are making a purple-themed room, don’t hesitate to add a few colors into your design. After all, a little creativity won’t hurt.


The ocean and the sky can make anyone’s day feel peaceful. Soon enough, the natural colors of these nature’s gifts have been transcended to the color blue. It is for this reason that people take interest in using a blue rug in their house.

There is probably no question that blue somehow signifies tranquility. The color may also speak of cleanliness at some point. But whatever the interpretation may be, blue rugs will always be at the eye of a lot of people.

The many hues of blue can very well benefit even the most delicate of all interior designers. As a matter of fact, this rug color is one of the most in-demand on the market. To give you a good inspiration, here are some of the rug types that have turned blue.

A blue-colored area rug is a good choice for those whose bedrooms have areas for sofas. In some cases, this type of rug is used beside the bed to provide a more comfy feel. In other case, this color of area rug is also seen in living rooms. Light blue area rugs are very much a good complement with orange sofas.

Sometimes, texture can very well level up the face of any item. In terms of mats and rugs, blue shags are quite fit to be the focal point of any room. As a matter of fact, a blue-colored shag rug could also make a boy’s room feel more masculine. It could also be the perfect complement to a warm-looking den. The light nature of the color blue would provide a relaxing twist to any brownish or reddish room.

Bathrooms need to exude a sense of calmness and cleanliness. Those who are very particular with the ambiance of their bathrooms can very well use a blue-colored bath rug to somehow transcend water. Blue is also a good choice for rugs that would make the bathroom feel more comfortable and relaxing. You could also use a blue rug to channel a tropical aura in your place of bath.

A blue rug has extensive purposes and benefits. The interior designer in you won’t have a hard time fitting it to your very own abode. Should your imagination fail you, don’t hesitate to look at modern interior designing pictures available on the Internet, and from a lot of published materials such as books and magazines. Take the time and you’ll surely get the benefits of tranquil blue rugs.

Expert Tips on How to Choose the Right Curtains


Bedroom curtains are an essential part of any bedroom for a couple of reasons. The first is that you need privacy. Beside the bathroom, there isn’t another room in the house that requires you to have more privacy. Another reason is for the design. The right curtains can really make your room look more attractive. Yet another reason is the protection from the sun as well as outside light. These things will affect the way you sleep as well as the longevity of your bedroom furniture. Let’s take a look at these few things a bit more in detail.

There are a many type of bedroom window curtains that you can purchase. The amount of different designs and styles that you can choose from is seemingly endless. This doesn’t mean that all of these choices are good though. The first thing you will want to look at is privacy. You will want to get curtains that will offer you the best privacy in order to prevent unwanted eyes from peeping through. Sure, some see through type of curtains can look amazing but for the purposes of your bedroom, you will want to choose something that will give you protection.

This isn’t the only reason why you will want curtains that will provide you with privacy. Another reason is that the ones that do this will also help keep out light as well. During the daytime, having too much light enter your room can make your home a bit hot. By having the right type of bedroom curtains, you will be able to regulate how much light comes into your room. This will not only help reduce the amount of heat in your room but it will also help reduce discoloration of your bedroom furniture that is caused by constant contact with the sun’s light. Another reason for choosing curtains that will keep light out well is that you will get a better night sleep. When passing light comes shining through your windows, it can wake you up causing you to feel tired in the morning.

This can be applied to kids bedroom curtains as well. Another thing you will want to look for is style and design. The type of curtains you get can really make the look of your room. For kids, this can be pretty fun. There are so many different types of fun designs you can choose to help make their bedroom magical. You can get girls bedroom curtains with pictures of princesses and other animated pictures on them. You can get boys bedroom curtains with pictures of super heroes or castles and spaceships are even racecars.

You can buy a bedroom curtain for as little as $10 or as much as several hundred dollars. This all depends on what you get and where you buy them. If you are more interested in the different designs and styles that are available, then one thing you can do is search for pictures online. This way, you will be able to see a wide range of options in a short amount of time. This will help save you time as well as money. Choose the right bedroom curtains may not be exciting for most people but if you are in that creative mood and want to create a stunning bedroom décor, then getting the right curtains for your bedroom is one of the things that can really make or break the look that you are trying to create.


Decorating a baby’s room does not necessarily have to be stressful and/or strenuous. If you are an expecting parent or perhaps your baby’s nursery is not decorated in the style that you want, a great thing to add to the window(s) in the room are nursery curtains. Make sure your infant is in a comfortable environment to ensure positive growth as babies are impressionable from the day they are born. If they grow up in a good environment then they will most likely grow up with a good head on their shoulders.

When picking out baby nursery curtains, there are a few things that you want to look out for: Color, style, appropriate theme, and coordination. If you have pink walls in your nursery you probably would want to stay away from a boldly, dark colored nursery curtain that will take away from the serenity of the room as a whole. You do not want anything too long for the window because; 1) it just looks messy and can make the room appear a mess when it is clearly not and 2) it can become a hazard for when your baby begins to crawl or walk, and also if you have a pet such as a cat, it will just tear it up to shreds. Curtains for nurseries also cannot be too short because it will also give off the appearance as if the nursery is unorganized.

So basically all you really need to do is find the appropriate print, color, and size to fit with the theme of your baby’s room. Another benefit from having curtains in your nursery is that you will be preventing any harmful UV rays from the sun that can be harmful to your baby’s skin. A healthy baby is a happy baby. You may also try a combination of a nicely picked curtain and a matching valance to give your nursery or baby’s room another homely, innocent look. There are obviously a lot of different choices that you have to choose from. If you want to save time from having to go to the store and looking at all of the different types that are available, what you can do is search for these online. You will want to look for pictures in order to give you an idea of what is available. This will help you quickly pick out the perfect curtains for your baby’s room.

All in all nursery curtains are a must if you are expecting a baby. Child care is poorly taught and small details like this are kept generally from the public because small details are usually overlooked. So keep them protected and comfortable from the first day they enter your home life or if you currently do not have the proper curtains, then now is the time to add them especially since your baby is already along its own personal development. This goes for any and all types of nurseries around the whole entire globe.


Kitchen curtains can really help set a tone for the way your kitchen looks. When it comes to the look of your kitchen, every little detail counts in creating the best overall look for the room. Although many people prefer having blinds, having the right curtains in the kitchen can really give it a natural feel. With so many different types of curtains you can buy, it’s sometimes hard to know what to get. Let’s take a look at some of the different options that are available and how you can go about picking the right one for your kitchen.

The kitchen window for most homes is what will allow light to come in and brighten up the room without having to turn on the lights. Many people will leave the curtains open 24/7 to allow visibility at all hours in the kitchen since midnight snacks or a quick water drink can always occur. Of course, you can also close it up at night. There’s just something about opening your curtains and allowing the first specs of sunlight to rush into your home first thing in the morning that is so relaxing.

The design of your kitchen window curtains can really be anything you like. There are thousands of different designs and patterns to choose from. Many people love the country kitchen curtains while other people love the apple kitchen curtains. The design you choose just depends on your taste but you will want to get something that somewhat helps out the rest of your kitchen in terms of matching. Curtains for your windows are pretty inexpensive. You can get them for less than $30. There are more expensive ones too of course. What you will want to do is look for them online so you can see the many different ones that are available. There are single fabric ones as well as tier ones. Each of the many different types will give your kitchen window a different look.

For the most part, you will probably want to stick with lighter colors since it will make your kitchen look a bit brighter. Darker colors can work as well but it can also make your kitchen look a bit gloomy. Many people like to get patterns of certain things like their favorite flowers or animals. The choices you have are quite endless. However, some people can go a bit overboard and pick a pattern that just doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen. This can make it look out of place but if your purpose is to draw attention to the window for some reason, then that can work as well.

Kitchen curtains, or any other curtains in the home, will need to be washed every now and then. Depending on the type of fabric, you will probably want to get them dry cleaned. You can also play around with the different type of styles to see which one you like best. For really great ideas, you can look online to see pictures of different window curtains and how people set them up. Even an ordinary looking window curtain can be set up in a way that can make your window look gorgeous.

Electric Heater for Garage Pros

Gas or electric garage heater? That may be the question you have right now remembering both of them almost have same pros and cons. But sure, if you consider the flexibility or portable design, electric heater for garage may be much better. Indeed, electric garage heater has some pros that gas heater doesn’t have. And it can be as the reference for deciding the better one for both. Here are some of the pros from electric heater.

Electric heater for garage has easy installation, operation and maintenance. Yup, it looks electric heater win in this type. It is because you don’t need a complicated installation steps, just by simple steps where the electric source is the main here is available you can operate this heater where you may just turn on and off the power button and adjusted with the heating temperature you want. It is easy and simple. It doesn’t need other third party except electric source.

Garage Electric Heater Finished Installation Electric Heater Garage Installation

Electric heater for garage also has easy maintenance. On the manual book, there are some tips to operate and maintain this heater. Commonly, it has easier maintenance than the gas heater. You just need to do a regular maintaining and sure avoid it from water, wetness and other causes to the power. It is commonly easy to repair if it is damaged.

Garage Electric Heater Wall Electric Heater for Garage Portable Electric Heater for Garage

On the electric heater for garage review, it is adjustable or portable design. It means, the installation space is flexible. You can mount this electric heater for garage on the wall or just place it on the floor. Yup, you can select the portable design to get more easiness in using and enjoying the hot temperature from this heater. It has fresher and more stylish designs too. There are modern designs with bright and elegant colors as the standard for this heater.

Easy Decoration Home Tips: Simple but Nice

Easy decoration home tips probably would be needed by the general that want to do home decorating. As people see that home decorating is kind of the important thing which absolutely has to be done by the common people. It means people have to do home decorating. However the home absolutely has to have good look. By doing the home decorating properly, then the people absolutely will have good and also comfortable home like they really want.

Decoration Ideas Home Simple Living Rooms Decorating Ideas Simple Home Decorations Simple Home Decoration Simple Bedroom Design

Therefore it is completely important for the common people to do home decorating properly. The home decorating which is done by the people can create good look and also comfortable atmosphere to the home, which could make the home become nice and also comfortable home. Easy decoration home tips absolutely would be really useful for the common people that are on the way on doing the home decorating. The tips could help the people to determine what they could do for the home.

The easy decoration home tips commonly is a range of the simple tips which can be practiced by the general people about how to do simple home decorating. These kinds of simple decoration home tips absolutely would be so much useful for the people. The thing which the general people should prepare if it is dealing with home decorating is about the home décor. Home décor is such important thing which cannot be forgotten by the people.

new house decorating ideas small Living Room Design Ideas Know Your Own Style Before You Change Your Home Decorating Home Decorating Ideas Kitchen Dining fantastic design home decor idea

The other easy decoration home tips which could be done by the people are applying interesting wallpaper on the wall of the room. Wallpaper is one of nice home decoration which absolutely can enhance the decoration of the home. The presence of the wallpaper can make the wall and also the room looks much decorative. This is one of easy home decorating tips that people can practice.

Europe Map Wall Art

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Effective Tips for Decorating Homes for the Stylish House

Decorating homes for the stylish house can result better with 4 effective tips that may help you to lead you in the preceding. Those tips are; first you should create a kind of draft on what kind of stylish house that you aim. You should decorate homes for the stylish house by imagining first the future stylish house that you like. By doing this, you really understand on how your stylish house will look like.

Clean living room decorating ideas Stylish Seaside Apartment stylish modern luxury living room furniture new house decorating ideas small instead of redecorating the full room

Second, decorating homes for the stylish house can be easier when you do a little observation from internet. There are many stylish homes which are showed in the internet from millions websites which provide you many inspirational and stunning stylish houses. You even can take some information and inspiration from the magazines which may give you some extra tips and information on how to achieve real stylish house as how you need to enrich your knowledge.

Third, decorating homes for the stylish house is always effective by applying the trend designs which are really hot at that season or time. You should decorate home for the stylish house by observing what are the design trends which are so popular at that time and then you can update your home and enjoy the new stylish look. But, trend designs are changing often as how people can get bored easily if the same trends for a long time.

house decoration Home Design Decoration fantastic design home decor idea demarcate the living area decoration of house

Fourth, you always can get great result from decorating homes for the stylish house by asking help from the experts. You can ask help from those house designers that are credible to give you enlightenment on how you should decorate your house so that your house will be more stylish. Those experts understand about furniture selection, furniture placement & arrangement and as well as other important aspects which indeed help you a lot on your decoration project.

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Expensive Modern Kitchen Shape Interior

L modern kitchen shape is always great for those households who aim for more spacious and roomier look in their modern kitchens. Modern kitchen shape will apply L type for how it is so space saving which indeed results in real roomier look so those who have small kitchens are still available for making a stunning small modern kitchen. Fortunately, there are some design ideas which are totally remarkable.

Expensive Modern Kitchen Aluminum Kitchen Storage Affecting Remarkablel Shaped Table white modern expensive kitchen set Trendy Luxury Kitchen Design Modern Kitchen Idea Furniture Awesome

First, modern kitchen shape is always minimalist with L shaped kitchen design idea which opts for clutter free kitchen. Modern kitchen shapes are indeed various but L shaped kitchen design can be so suitable for creating clutter free kitchen. Simple design with L shaped kitchen cabinet and furniture set with the sink which is faced to large glass window. The L light wood shaped kitchen cabinet with glossy surface and the white ceramic tile flooring also make the kitchen appears clean and hygiene.

Modern Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Furniture Ideas Modern Kitchen expensive expensive red kitchen design

Second, go with modern kitchen shape which is so elegant with black and white theme. Install the L shaped white painted cabinet or furniture set in your all white painted modern kitchen. As an addition, you can use the metal appliances which will make the all white modern kitchen appears more futuristic and you even can use all white kitchen furniture to make the kitchen is much more stunning. This is a great idea which works well for any modern kitchen.

Third, apply modern kitchen shape which goes with spacious L shaped kitchen design idea. You always can create a large modern kitchen with the L shaped design idea. Of course that you should install the L shaped kitchen furniture or set in the certain corner, then place two islands in the middle of the kitchen, one for wet areas another one is completed with chair sets for small kitchen bar.

Enchanting Color Ideas for Your Bedroom

When you need colors for your bedrooms, there are so many enchanting colors which will make bedrooms look much more stunning. Bedroom color ideas are unlimited and there are some modern color schemes for bedrooms which are highly recommended. First, be bold with grey and white color paints can be great idea for coloring up your bedroom. This is bedroom color idea which will make your bedroom feels like a sanctuary. Simply use deep grey for the walls and rich white for ceilings and your bedrooms will be fancy.

Enchanting Modern Bedroom Purple Design Your Girls Room Breathtaking Teens Bedroom Teenager Bedroom Inspirations Purple Wall Paint And Curtain Decoration

Second, try bedroom color ideas which are not only enchanting, but sensual and appealing as well by using deep purple and black. Cover your walls with the deep purple and black color paints which will elevate your bedroom in real modernity. Use deep black and purple by turns so the walls still look cohesive without not too striking impression because both of the colors that you are going to use are darker shades.

Third, go with ideas for bedroom colors which opt for cozier and warmer look by using brown shades. Bedroom color ideas are never wrong when you go with brown shades which create warmer and cozier look. For this idea, try to apply some brown shades with different level of gradation from the lighter one, medium and then the darkest shade which will give nice cohesive look.

Neutral Colors Painting Walls Enchanting Space Saving Bedroom Enchanting Pink Color Scheme Ideas Enchanting Pink Color Scheme Ideas Enchanting Natural Bedroom Design

Lastly, bedroom color ideas are so pretty and refreshing when you use quite antique blue shade which gives a twist in a modern bedroom. Simply use the soft blue which gives slightly faded impression and then you can use white for the ceiling. This idea is better when you use greenish soft blue which really gives a twist of antiqueness in the modern bedroom but other slightly antique shades are also available.

Exotic Dark Marble Floor Living Room

Dark marble floor is indeed so fancy and exotic which works well for creating a cool and shiny surface in your living room. Dark marble floors are also loved for those who love elegance and modernity but thanks to its high flexibility and versatility, these kinds of floorings are suitable for any living room style. Still, you should know the advantages and disadvantages further so that you know what you are into.

Contemporary Living Room Minimalist Modern Living Room Marble flooring living room ideas Marble floor design pictures living room living room with dark wood floors

Dark marble floor is so durable not only from appearance but literally, it is so durable and that is a fact. Dark marble flooring is created from the high quality stone which cannot be cracked or chipped easily. Then, for those who may put large and heavy furniture in their living rooms do not have to worry because the marble flooring will not be damaged easily and for that this stone flooring lasts so long. Furthermore, when you want to

living room with black marble floor Living Room Ideas Gray Puffy Sofa Fascinating White and Gray Themed Living Room Exotic Wall Mural Concrete Floor elegant luxury home furniture design

Others, dark marble floor is so fancy and superior in appearance which will define the beauty in your living room. You can find this flooring comes with its various motifs and accents which mean that you are provided with many rich options which are all so luxurious. Furthermore, this flooring is easy to maintain because you only need to use vacuum cleaner to get rid the dirt and dust and then simply mop the floor daily.

But still, dark marble floor also comes with some disadvantages which you should consider first whether you can go with that or not because once you install it, and then it cannot be removed immediately. First is the expensive price which requires you to prepare extra money so that this flooring is not suitable for your budget friendly living room remodeling project. Other, its surface will be so cool or freezing exactly when winter comes.

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